100 способов прожить минуту

Time: Category of Contemplation

Artists, curators and researchers tell about a work from the history of art that explores the theme of delaying time, contemplation, solitude


As slow as possible

Ksenia Anufrieva, musicologist, candidate of art history, journalist, curator of the musical direction in the Volga-Vyatka branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (NCCA “Arsenal” Nizhny-Novgorod), shows how long music can last, using the example of the organ version of the song “ASLSP”, created by John Cage in 1987


Emptiness as Fullness: A Calligraphy Book After John Cage

What is the way that the art re-interprets traditions of Zen Buddhism? What is Nothing? What is hiding behind the silence? Russian artist Natalia Toropitsyna conceptualizes famous work of John Cage – 4’33” and creates a calligraphy book


Rupert Brooke

The Soldier (1915)

Russian poet and translator Alexander Rytov flips the pages of his home library reminiscing how he got acquainted with the art of Rupert Brooke – one of the key English poets of the Lost Generation


Nam June Paik

Zen for Film (1965)

Alexandra Staruseva-Persheeva, Associate professor, Faculty of Communications, media and design, HSE Art and design School, invites the viewers inside a piece by a pioneering media artist Nam June Paik where nothing is happening (or is it only seems like that at first glance?)


Dziga Vertov

The Symphony of the Donbass (1931)

Victor Mazin, a psychoanalyst and philosopher, founder of the Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams, sends the audience to the world of Dziga Vertov by preparing an audio journey into the movie “The Symphony of the Donbass”