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Exclusive broadcasts of works of the most important international media artists

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"100 Ways to Live the New Year"

Video art works come to life in the halls of the Pushkin Museum


Alexandra Mitlyanskaya

Memory Box (2018), Thumbelina (2000), Congratulation (2003), Сoncerto (2005), Capriccio (2011), Vera (2008), Touches (2012), As You Like It (2018), Commode (2012), Uwe’s Friends (2013), Hommage to Shwankmayer (2009), Route (2016), Time of Aurora (2014), Spinning Top (2013), The 1973-rd (2010), Babylon 1 (2010), Face Book (2016–2017), Time To Throw Stones (2014), Barguzin (2018), Waiting (2018), Whose Stream (2018–2019)

Touching on your fingertips - immersing to the world of memories


Galina Shevchenko

On the Edge of Tenderness. GribTrip (2020), Embracing the Grotesque (2018), Bodies Material & Digital (2019), Unkissed Regiments (2018), Open Your Body, Tame Your Beasts (2017), Shared Escape (2020)

Immersion in the artist's worlds, woven in the process of exploring myths, corporeality and post-feminist identity



Video program of the Baltic Branch The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts / Baltic Branch NCCA (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Day 2

The second broadcast day of a two-day video program suggesting you slow down and immerse without rush in the research of the contemporary art by the curators from Kaliningrad


Roman Mokrov

Voice of Pyatiorochka (2020), Eternal Pyatiorochka (2020), All Inclusive (2015), Another Day in Paradise (2017), One’s Home (2013–2014), Homewards (2012), Heavenly Suburbs of Moscow (2013), PARADISE (2013), Hit The Road (2013), The Endless Story (2011)

Start the research of the “notMoscow” region, watching the sunrise, exploring the paradise places and of course, go on a trip in time


Evann Siebens

Time Reversal Symmetry (2018), The First Time I Came to Hornby Was with Helen Goodwin (2018), Orange Magpies (2017), The Indexical Dance-A-Thon (2016), Gesture (2015), Chromatic Revelry (2012), image/Word.not_a_pipe=(Magritte) (2002–2005), Pothead (1998–1999)

Study of the plastic language of dance and movement in a retrospective of Evann Siebens