100 способов прожить минуту

Another format within our project is instructions for immersing into the meditative from contemporary artists, curators, writers and philosophers. Our virtual associates create videos, photos, podcasts, visual schemes, guides, sketches to share their own methods for taming time. Strict and consistent instructions or artistic happening – any practices that can help viewers rethink their daily routine.


Media Quarantine


“Voyage of the Camera”


MASBEDO artistic duo sends their camera onto a trip around the studio and beyond. What would a camera tell about your interiors?


Kirstine Roepstorff

Sand” (2020)

What it feels like to be in the middle of a sandstorm? What awaits us when the sand settles? What is the world around us going to be? Danish media artist Kirstine Roepstorff sets the viewer up for reflection on the future in her lyrical sketch


Nedko Solakov and His Body Control

How can wiggling ears save a life? Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov offers an ironic response to the horror of the pandemic and trains non-obvious muscles of the body. And what parts of your body can you wiggle?


“Monitoring the Rotation of the Earth on the Sofa” (2020)

from Elena Gubanova

How do planets move? Elena Gubanova, artist from Saint Petersburg, finds an answer to that questions with an experiment conducted without leaving a couch. What discoveries can you make staying in a comfortable position?


Find sanctuary in oneself:

new ways to meditate

Curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art Alexander Burenkov tells about contemporary artists and online-services offering new formats of solo and collective meditative practices


Anatomy of the Minute

by Cristina Lucas

Spanish media artist Cristina Lucas reflects on the base for the division of time, counting in dozens during one minute even parts of it, and shows the maximum amount of issues that our hands can count


The Step of the Artist

by Semyon Alexandrovsky

Master of interaction with the audience Semyon Alexandrovsky offers an instruction to become an artist through a series of simple steps