100 способов прожить минуту

During the pandemic, museum collections of the world open up for digital surfing, museum websites offer new opportunities, and museum curators create virtual tours on their collections.

But part of the world culture has long existed in the digital space. The Pushkin Museum XXI direction works with art that can unite people from a distance, appeal to any person, regardless of geographical, political or other restrictions.

Digital exchange is a series of exclusive broadcasts of works of the most important international media artists, who work with the perception of time.

Also, researchers and curators of the international institutions will share artworks from their collections and talk about their personal experience and visions.

Broadcasts are held twice a week and remain available for viewing for 24 hours.

Follow the news of The Pushkin Museum. Set a reminder for a broadcasting start. Sit comfortably in front of the monitor. Let Spring air into the room, put a glass of fresh water nearby. Watch.


Digital exchange